Policies and procedure documents of Kirton in Lindsey Town Council can be viewed below.


Policies and Procedures adopted by the Town Council at the Annual Council Meeting on 22nd May 2019 (other than where stated)

Standing Orders - reviewed & adopted February 2020

Code of Conduct - adopted October 2019

Action Plan - adopted November 2019

Complaints Policy - adopted October 2019

Financial Regulations - adopted September 2019

Financial Risk Assessment - reviewed and adopted January 2020

Reserves Policy - reviewed and adopted December 2019

Publication Scheme

Member/Officer Protocol - reviewed and adopted October 2019

Member Development Policy - reviewed and adopted January 2020

Grievance Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Health and Safety Policy - reviewed and adopted November 2019

Child Protection Policy - reviewed and adopted April 2019

Safeguarding Adults Policy - reviewed and adopted April 2019

Equal Opportunities Policy

Grant Awarding Policy

Community Pot Application

Budgeted Grant Application

Grand Awarding Policy Guidelines

Cemetery Regulations - updated September 2018

Cemetery Scale of Charges - reviewed and adopted December 2019

Press & Media Policy - reviewed and adopted December 2019

Social Media Policy - reviewed and adopted November 2019

Sickness Absence Policy

Lone Worker Policy - reviewed and adopted July 2019

Training and Development Policy - adopted November 2019

Environmental Policy - adopted February 2020

Bio-Diversity Policy - adopted February 2020