Kirton in Lindsey in the snow Jan 2019 - Will Selby Project

Aerial view over Kirton in Lindsey in the snow, January 2019 courtesy of the Will Selby Project.  "Elevate your Perspective" 

Normal public opening hours

The Town Council office is open for public enquiries on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12 and 4pm when the Town Clerk is always happy to meet with you, and can be available at other times by appointment. 

The Town Council Office is clearly signposed within the Town Hall. 

Please note that the office will be closed the week of Monday 18th February, reopening on Monday 25th February.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

2019 Civic Award

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council are looking for your nominations for the 2019 Civic Award.

There are many unsung community heroes walking amongst us, and this is your chance to show them that their efforts are inspirational - you can nominate anyone from the town whose contribution you think should be celebrated.

People who make a big difference in the community by going above and beyond the call of duty, perhaps a role model or a motivator - there is so much good work going on - whoever you feel is doing good in our town, the Town Council would like to hear about them and help you celebrate their achievements.

The annual Civic Award is a great way to show your gratitude to those who may not usually get the recognition they deserve. The winner will be selected by the Town Council and presented with a custom made award to keep and have their name added to the Civic Award Shield displayed in the Town Hall.

Please send your nomination, including details of why you think they deserve the award, to the Town Clerk.

Town Council Office, Town Hall, High Street, Kirton in Lindsey, DN21 4LZ

Phone: 01652 648978


Councillor Vacancies

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council currently has a vacancy for one Councillor.  For further details please contact the Town Clerk.

01652 648978 / 

For information on the May 2019 Elections, please see  


Kirton Regeneration Meetings

The 9th Kirton Regeneration Meeting was held this week and as an update some of the issues discussed included –

Removal of the old signage from the library gate to reassure that the area is open at all times. The Town Council do request that priority within the car park is given to library users during library opening times.

Availability of spaces to further increase car parking provision for the town are still high on the list of priorities since these meetings began, as is public transport provision to and from the town.

Options to have lighting provided down Town Hall Passage.

NLC is expected to soon launch statutory consultations around the proposed one-way system around the Market Place and the provision of a mini roundabout at the North Cliff Road / South Cliff Road. King Edward Street and Redbourne Mere junction.

Capacity at the doctor’s surgery and schools are matters that the group are aware of and looking at.

The group are also exploring tourism opportunities for the town and the Town Council has submitted an application to NLC for a Historic Market Town sign directing people to Kirton in Lindsey to be placed on the A15.

The wellbeing provision for the town is in discussion with comparison to the provisions in place in Barton, Brigg & Broughton, Crowle and Epworth.

The safety of pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists along Ings Road is a concern of the group with a number of suggestions put forward for making this area of the town safer whilst encouraging access for all users.

A request has been made for the lowered kerbs and pavements around the town to be looked at to make moving around the town on foot, particularly with pushchairs and wheelchairs much safer and easier. The Town Council is looking to compile a list of priority areas where lowered kerbs are missing or don’t match up at one side of the road to the other – if you would like any areas adding to this list please contact the Town Council to have them considered for inclusion on the priority list.

If you have any views on these proposals, please contact the Town Council via the Town Clerk by email or by phone 01652 648978.


Contact Details

Town Clerk & RFO - Neil Taylor-Matson

The Town Council Office, Town Hall, High Street, Kirton in Lindsey, DN21 4LZ

Telephone: 01652 648978   Mobile: 07518 284173

Clerk's Email:


Next Meetings

Schedule of Meetings 2018/2019


Full Council Meetings

The next Full Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th February, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Town Hall, High Street, Kirton in Lindsey.  The Agenda will be published on Thursday 21st February.



The next Personnel and Disciplinary Committee Meeting is to be held on Monday 15th April, 2019 at 9:30am in the Heritage Room at the Town Hall, Kirton in Lindsey.   The Agenda will be published on Tuesday 9th April 2019.


The next Promoting Kirton Committee Meeting is to be held on Monday 11th March, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Town Hall, High Street, Kirton in Lindsey.  The Agenda will be published on Tuesday 5th March.

The next General Purpose Committee Meeting is to be held on Monday 11th March, 2019 at 7.00pm at the Town Hall, High Street, Kirton in Lindsey.  The Agenda will be published on Tuesday 5th March.



News and information

Police Report - Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in Kirton Lindsey – January 2019

There were 9 crimes reported in Kirton Lindsey during January, compared to 14 in December. The following is a brief summary of crime during January.

Arson & Criminal Damage

There were 3 arson & criminal damage offences reported in January:

  • Damage to a dwelling      (domestic abuse related).
  • Damage to a vehicle.
  • Other criminal damage.

Public Order Offences

There was 1 public order offence

Causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress.

Sexual Offences

There was 1 sexual offence reported over the period.


There were 2 theft offences reported in January.

Violence Against the Person 

There were 2 violence against the person offences over the period:

  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm (same address as the Public Order offence).
  • Sending letters etc with intent to cause distress or anxiety.

Anti-Social Behaviour

There were no ASB incidents reported in Kirton Lindsey during January, compared to one in December.


Details and locations of some of these incidents have been removed for data protection reasons.


For up to date information from Humberside Police about what is happening in the local area, consider signing up for My Community Alert – a free messaging system. Choose how you receive messages, by phone or email, how often you want to hear the updates and about the issues that matter to you. Sign up for free at to start receiving real time updates.