Kirton in Lindsey Town Council Charities

The Town Council has responsibilities for three of the Towns Charities:



The Green and The Market Place (Registered Charity number: 503196) was taken on in 2004 by the Town Council but the designation of the lands dates from 1913 and a conveyance of the Prince of Wales with the requirement: “The property to be held upon trust as open spaces for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Kirton in Lindsey.” The current object of these Charities is “To maintain and preserve the Green and Market Place for the use and enjoyment of the residents of Kirton in Lindsey.”



The War Memorial and Garden of Edward Elmhirst Duckering (Registered Charity number: 248883) has origins established by a Declaration of Trust in 1922 relating to the erection of the war memorial, and origins in 1929 when Edward Elmhirst Duckering, in his will, set aside out of his estate money for the annual upkeep of the memorial. In 2002 the two charities became one with the object “For the public benefit to provide and maintain a war memorial garden to commemorate the men of the area of benefit who fell in the First World War and other conflicts”. In April 2003 the Town Council officially became the trustee of this Charity.



With no income for either The Green and The Market Place or The War Memorial and Garden of Edward Elmhirst Duckering, the Town Council has resolved that “the council has spent its own funds on the maintenance and upkeep of these assets and areas for the good of the community as a whole.”



Torksey’s Charity (Registered Charity number: 251454), with historic origins dating to January 1855 in recent years was amalgamated with the equally historic “Poor’s Close Charity”.

These Charities are embedded in the history of Kirton in Lindsey and are still here to provide financial support to residents.

The charitable aims are to ‘provide the relief of residents in Kirton in Lindsey in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage by providing finance, services or facilities to relieve their specified need.’

Any applications for support should be addressed to the Town Clerk who will anonymise the request so that the identity of the applicant is not known and is kept completely confidential. A meeting of the trustees will be called and a decision made on the application.

If you know anyone in need of finance, services or facilities within Kirton in Lindsey, or are in need yourself, contact the Town Clerk who will then action the process for consideration of any request.



The funding for Torksey's Charity comes from the annual rental income on two pieces of land within the Parish.



Kirton in Lindsey Actively Supporting Sport In the Community (KLASSIC) (Registered Charity number 1115978) registered in August 2006, the founding trustees transferred the Charity to the Town Council in June 2020 in order to protect the charity in perpetuity.

The Charity was formed for the provision of recreational and sporting facilities for the community.

The Charitable aims are "to provide or assist in the provision of a recreation ground (grounds) involving the construction of pitches, greens, courts, pavilions, changing facilities and associated amenities to be held upon Charitable Trust namely for the purpose of providing recreation and leisure time occupation in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kirton in Lindsey and the neighbourhood (hereinafter called the "area of benefit") and for other charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants in the area of benefit."


KLASSIC recieves funding from the fees charged by users of the facilities at Ings Road and also through applications for funding from organisations and agencies to enable maintenance and development.