Work of the Council


The Council takes on responsibility for many aspects of town life, but our powers are limited by statute, and we can only act within the realms of the Local Government Act and other Statutory Instruments.

The duties and responsibilities of Town and Parish Councils are complicated, and although a number of powers are available to local councils, powers are discretionary and councils are under no obligation to use them.

Brief details of your council's work can be found using the links at the bottom of this page, and you can view the National Association of Local Council's booklet 'All About Town and Parish Councils' here.



Community Survey 2022

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council was provided with funding to find out more about how we want our community to develop. The results are published on the home page and are also included as part of the Connecting Kirton report also published there.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Kirton in Lindsey Town Survey 2021

Thank you to everyone who took the time to give their views in the Town Survey.  The responses are now processed and the summary is published including the information recieved and the work of the Town Council around main themes raised.   Please select the link to view the summary.

Play Area Survey - initial results

In 2021 we asked you to complete a survey about the Play Area on the Green, here are the initial findings from that survey.  Work by your Councillors continues in response following the investment into new equipment and maintenance of the play area.  Research continues into what more can be done and the locations where this could be.

Play Area Survey - Results summary

Sports Centre Survey - initial results

In 2021 we also asked you about sports centre provision for the town, and here are the intitial findings from that survey.  Work continues in the background to move these ideas forward, and updates will be provided when they are available.

Sports Centre Survey - Results summary



The Town Council ihas progressed plans for allotments with the site now operating for 10 tenants off York Road, Kirton in Lindsey.  If you would like to be added to the list of people interested in having an allotment please contact the Town Clerk.

If you have previously expressed an interest, please let the Clerk know whether you wish to remain on the list.


The Town Council supports the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Kirton in Lindsey.  This work will create a vision for the future of the town and have influence on planning applications which are submitted after the agreement and completion of the plan.   The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be supported and developed by the residents of the town and the Town Council will assist with the work and facilitate the funding required, however will not lead this project.  For more information, search for 'Kirton Lindsey Neighbourhood Plan' on Facebook or contact


Kirton in Lindsey Town Council works in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council to maintain the public rights of way within the town.  North Lincolnshire Council provides funding to Kirton in Lindsey Town Council for the cutting of the public rights of way three times a year and reporting is provided by the Town Council on repairs and maintenance required across the routes.


North Lincolnshire Council provides funding to Kirton in Lindsey Town Council for the devolution of responsbility for maintainence of the highway verges in the town.  These are cut by contractors appointed by the Town Council between April and September in line with the standards required by North Lincolnshire Council.


The Town Council is committed to resolving car parking issues within the town and is working with local landowners to look at potential solutions.  More information will be made available when further details are developed.  Planning permission was approved for a site off South Cliff Road in December 2021, and works to fully cost the proposals and seek funding are now ongoing.


Kirton in Lindsey Town Council has responsbilities for Grove Street Cemetery and manages all enquiries relating to burials and memorials at the Cemetery and maintenance of the site.


The Town Council has responsbilites for four of the Town Charities; The Green and The Market Place, Torksey's Charity, The War Memorial and Garden of Edward Elmhirst Duckering and KLASSIC Park.


As well as looking after the land in Trust for the benefit of the residents of the town, the Kirton in Lindsey Town Council also manage the play area on the Green and maintain the open space throughout the year.


Kirton in Lindsey Town Council continues to work with North Lincolnshire Council for addtional community sports facilities for Kirton in Lindsey.  More updates will provided when available.