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ANNOUNCEMENT – Kirton-in-Lindsey Town Council Precept 2020/2021

The responsibilities and legal requirements of Town and Parish Councils continue to develop whilst the number of Town Councillors allowed to sit on the Council, offering varied points of view, experiences and areas of specialist knowledge has been reduced in the North Lincolnshire area. The annual issue of budget setting for the year ahead is always a difficult process which is not taken lightly. Taking into account a number of factors including - year on year reductions in grant funding from North Lincolnshire Council; rising inflation; an increasing number of projects developing for the benefit of the local community; maintaining and improving the current services provided; additional costs to remain compliant with changing legislation plus ongoing maintenance of assets provided for the residents within the town Kirton-in-Lindsey Town Council has reluctantly concluded that the precept again needs to increase by £9,590.00 to £102,739.00. A ‘Band D’ property contribution (considered the national average) will increase this year to £96.07, an increase of £7.02 per annum (13p per week). Below is a summary of some of the services the Town Council offer and planned improvements.

Grants – for the coming year the Town Council are setting aside almost £17,000 for grants to local organisations wishing to run events or activities within the community. During 2019/2020 the Town Council supported KLASSIC, Diamond Jubilee Town Hall, Evergreens Club, Kirton Call, Kirton First, Trent Valley Gliding Club and Kirton-in-Lindsey In Bloom. All groups within the town are welcome and encouraged to apply for funding they require. Grant application forms can be accessed via the website and advice on completing the forms can be provided by the Town Clerk.

The Town Council are actively pursuing additional car parking, sports facilities and allotment provision as priority pieces of work. Updates on these projects will be provided as progress is made with the hope that land acquired for allotments will be ready for use and a planning application for the creation of a new car parking area will be submitted this year. Councillors are also working closely with a number of organisations to maintain and develop the sports and wellbeing facilities available for all residents to use within Kirton-in-Lindsey.

Grounds maintenance – the Town Council continue to provide grounds maintenance for specific areas of the town including the Green, cemetery and War Memorial as well as a number of flowerbeds. For the previous two years the Town Council has taken on the maintenance of the Parish Paths and last year piloted devolution from NLC to take on the maintenance of specific areas of the highway verges. At the time of writing this (late February), it is yet to be confirmed from NLC if these works are to cease, continue or develop further over the next year.

Provision of the Town Council central administration and establishment, rent of the Town Council office within the Town Hall, the Annual Town Meeting, licences, audit and insurance costs come from the Town Council Administration budget. As a consultee, the Town Council considers and comments upon local planning applications to the Local Planning Authority, North Lincolnshire Council and provides local residents with an opportunity to view current planning applications. The Town Council provides provision for training and development for members in order to serve the community better.

The Town Council has responsibility for all matters of administration and upkeep at Grove Street Cemetery, maintains membership of the ICCM and incurs costs including business rates, grounds maintenance and the removal of waste from the site.

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council has a continued role to play in raising the profile of the town through outside organisations and the Civic circuit. The Council holds two annual events, the Civic Service and Civic Dinner, in order to promote Kirton in Lindsey and demonstrate to others what this town has to offer. Throughout the year the Town Council looks for all opportunities to celebrate the community and the town to others.

The Summer Gala and Christmas Festival events are community events which the Town Council have taken responsibility for to enable them to continue annually but has sought the support and formation of a residents group to take these on going forward. Without support coming forward, the future of the events has required seeking an assistant within the Council to administer and run these events as other priorities for the town require greater attention of the Clerk. The Town Council also coordinate and fund the town centre Christmas decorative lighting and flood lighting at St Andrew’s United Church, donations to local organisations and events and the Townspeople’s wreath and donation to the Poppy Appeal for Remembrance Sunday.

Town Councillors are the sole trustees of the Torksey Charity, The Green and The Market Place Charity and the War Memorial and Garden of Edward Elmhirst Duckering Charity. As there are no Trust Fund monies available for the upkeep of the Green and Market Place and the War Memorial and Garden of Edward Elmhirst Duckering, the Council budgets for the maintenance and upkeep of these assets and areas of the good of the community as a whole.

The Town Council recognise the importance of communicating information to the town with an online presence as well as distribution of information in hard copy and displayed on noticeboards. Please let us know of information you want to see displayed and how best to communicate with you.


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