Grounds Maintenance

Details of the grounds maintenance works carried out within Kirton in Lindsey by the Town Council.

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council employs two different teams of contractors to maintain the open spaces within the town.

The first team mow the grass at the Green and Grove Street Cemetery and maintain the town flowerbeds at King Edward Street, North Cliff Road, Redbourne Mere, the War Memorial, Grove Street, Queen Street, Church Street and Richdale Avenue, South Cliff Road. At this time of national lockdown only the mowing will take place and the flowerbeds will be attended to once it is possible - this is because the social distancing restrictions are limiting the availability of the team which also look after other locations in this area of the country.

The second team mow the other open spaces including the highway verges in an agreement the Town Council has in place with North Lincolnshire Council. This follows a trial year last year and the addition of further areas of responsibility going forward. The mowing is hoped to continue on a fortnightly basis unless the situation changes for the contractors in terms of staff availability. The map below show the areas of responsibility for this second team.

Highway mapping Kirton in Lindsey

In normal circumstances, there is work ongoing throughout the cutting season, the season runs from March (weather permitting) to October / November.  Areas are also maintained through the winter period of November to February.  The types of work for each season are detailed here.

Summer Specification:

March - October/November

Open spaces grass cutting - cut and fly (roughly every 14 working days)

Litter picking - prior to grass cutting

Flower beds - planting, weeding and general maintenance

Hard standing herbicide spraying - where deemed necessary

It is important to note that during the period between March and August all work to hedges, shrubs and trees will be carried out to cause the minimum possible disturbance to nesting birds and wildlife in compliance with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Birds Nesting legislation.

Winter Specification:

November - February

Litter picking - once per week

Flower beds - pruning, weeding and general maintenance

Leaf and branches clearance as required