Grove Street Cemetery

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Kirton in Lindsey Town Council, acting as the Burial Authority of Kirton in Lindsey Cemetery under the powers of the Local Authorities Cemetery Order 1977, provides burial facilities at Grove Street Cemetery sufficient to cater for the foreseeable needs of the population.

The Cemetery opened in 1940 following the purchase of the land by the Council due to the closure of the graveyard at nearby St Andrew's United Church.  Interments prior to 1940 are likely to be located by contacting St Andrew's United Church.

The Town Council are responsible for maintaining the cemetery to standards which reflect the solemnity of the circumstances and, whilst having regard to the reasonable costs of so doing, meet the needs of mourners and other visitors.

The Burial Clerk offers an efficient and sympathetic service to the bereaved and to funeral undertakers and others in dealing with the administrative matters concerned with this service, not only at the time of interment but during subsequent services relating to memorials and maintenance.

The Town Council employers maintenance teams on contract to carry out aspects of maintenance required within the cemetery and follows statutory guidance on the maintenance of structures, trees and memorials within the grounds.

Details of the Cemetery Regulations and fees are available by clicking on the links below.  If you require application forms for Exclusive Rights of Burial, Interments or Memorials please contact the Clerk.


July 2021:

Grove Street Cemetery safety inspections update.

 Kirton in Lindsey Town Council, as the Burial Authority, has a duty under Health and Safety legislation to control the dangers that exist in the cemetery. This includes work to actively remove hazards posed by unstable memorials.

It is Kirton in Lindsey Town Council’s intention to follow the latest guidance from the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) and the Ministry of Justice on memorial safety and to take appropriate action to any memorial deemed unsafe within the cemetery.

All memorials should be inspected on a minimum 5 yearly cycle. The inspection will be fully documented, identifying all dangerous or unstable memorials.

Following the inspection, those memorials requiring action are marked for the owner’s attention. It is the owner’s responsibility to undertake any works required. This could include contacting memorial masons for advice and guidance. The Council should be informed of any works taking place in the cemetery prior to them starting, and confirmation should be provided when works are completed. This enables the Council to update all reporting to confirm the required works have been carried out and to ensure that any works do not cause disturbance to memorial services planned within the cemetery.

The owner of the memorial is responsible for maintaining the memorial in good condition and will be properly informed by their memorial mason of their and other party’s responsibilities.

Where owners cannot be traced the Town Council has to make a decision on how to deal with a memorial.

Notice will be given for any intended action to any memorial. If all attempts to contact the grave owner fail than the Town Council has the right to remove or take such steps as to make safe the hazard. This will also be the case for memorials where the grave owner or their heirs-at-law have been contactable but were either unwilling or unable to ensure a repair by a registered stone mason.

If you have any queries about these works, please contact the Town Clerk on

01652 648978 or email



Grove Street Cemetery Regulations

Grove Street Cemetery Fees