Public Rights of Way

Under the Parish Paths Partnership, Kirton in Lindsey Town Council works in conjunction with North Lincolnshire Council to maintain, improve and promote the public rights of way around Kirton in Lindsey.  This incorporates 13 public footpaths and 2 public bridleways.

The Definitive Map published by North Lincolnshire Council shows the location of the historic public footpaths (marked in purple) and bridleways (marked in green) within Kirton in Lindsey.

Definitvie Map Kirton in Lindsey Public Rights of Way

Kirton in Lindsey Town Council has an agreement with North Lincolnshire Council under the Parish Paths Partnership to maintain the public rights of way and report problems, issues or concerns noted along the routes.  Cutting of the pathways takes place by contractors three times per year, in line with North Lincolnshire Councils funding.  The maintenance of all furniture, fingerposts, way markers, bridges, stiles and gates remains the responsibility of North Lincolnshire Council and the Town Council communicates problems with any of these across for resolution and repairs.  The exception to this is Network Rail assets - bridges, fences and steps - however these can also be reported in the same way.

In 2018 Kirton in Lindsey Town Council created a Public Footpaths Interest Group of residents who regularly walk the footpaths and bridleways and report problems or suggested improvements for action by the Town Council or North Lincolnshire Council.  If you are interested in helping this group, please contact the Town Clerk.

In 2022 a Facebook group was launched to help provide information and gather feedback about the public rights of way - this can be found here:

In order to assist with navigating the Public Rights of Way, the Town Council has produced a map for each of the fifteen routes, which can be found as an image file by selecting the links below.  If you would like any further information or access to more detailed mapping, please contact the Town Clerk.

Whilst walking the public rights of way, remember to following the Countryside Code and please do not feed any horses or livestock you see along the route.

You can view the Countryside Code here:

Do Not Feed Horses notice


Kirton in Lindsey Public Rights of Way - Bridle Ways and Public Footpaths:

BR251 - Cleatham Road to Railway Station

BR258 - B1400 to A15

FP247 - Cleatham Road to Scotter

FP248 - Spa Hill to Cleatham

FP250 - Spa Hill to Hibaldstow

FP252 - North Cliff Road to Railway Station

FP253 - Ings Road to Scotton

FP254 - Moat House Road to Northorpe

FP255 - Grayingham Road to East Cross Street

FP256 - Ings Road to Richdale Avenue

FP257 - B1400 to A15

FP300 - The Green

FP327 - Red Lion Passage

FP328 - March Lane

FP329 - Town Hall Passage


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