Defibrillator Locations for Kirton in Lindsey:

There are currently six defibrillators located around Kirton in Lindsey.

Defibrillator cabinet

They are stationed outside the Diamond Jubilee Town Hall, the doctors surgery, at the Fire Station, at Huntcliff (available during school hours only), KLASSIC Park and Jacks Patch Garden Centre. In addition the LIVES volunteers carry a further two.

Should you ever be in the situation of needing to use one, just dial 999, give the location code shown on the front of the defibrillator cabinet and the emergency services will remain on the line giving you full instructions on accessing and using the equipment.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) keep track of when defibrillators are activated. Within 24 hours the allocated guardian is advised and the defibrillator will be switched back showing as “available for activation” on the system.

There is a map to show the defibrillators that are registered with the EMAS on the North Lincolnshire Council website:

The information on the map will change whenever the map is updated with the latest registrations.

**Please make sure you always dial 999 first as they will be able to direct you to your nearest defibrillator and give you the access code.**

Defibrillator devices give you audio commands to guide you through the use of them in an emergency situation.

Defibrillator notice