Kirton in Lindsey Town Council awards two types of grants - Budgeted Grants and Community Pot Grants. Application forms can be downloaded below.


Budgeted Grants

Applications for grants from the Town Council Precept are usually considered at the Full Meeting of the Council which takes place in November. Grants will then be paid in the next financial year, i.e applications considered in November 2023 could be drawn down from April 2024 onwards. Applications can be made for any amount up to £9,000, though the amount of funding the Council can award in any one year is limited by law, linked to the Retail Price Index.

Applications to the Budgeted Grants for the 2024-2025 Financial Year is now open.  This information is promoted through the home page of this website, town noticeboards, Kirton First Community Magazine and social media.   All applications are requested to be received prior to the Full Council Meeting in November.  Application for 2025-26 are expected to open in September 2024.

Community Pot Grants

Community Pot Grants are intended for smaller projects where the amount applied for is around £300 or less. Community Pot Grants can be applied for at any time during the year and will generally be paid within a month or so once approved. If your project is only small this type of grant would be most suitable. To apply for a Community Pot Grant, download the application form  and Guidance Notes below and return to the Clerk with any supporting documentation requested.

For both types of grant please make sure you read the Guidance Notes with care. Please note that to be eligible you will be required to demonstrate that your project is of direct benefit to those residing in the parish. Unfortunately we cannot make grants to individual residents. The Town Clerk is always happy to assist with any applications.

Download a Community Pot Grant application form

Download a Budgeted Grant application form

Guidance Notes