Cllr Geoffrey Cossey

Address: 41 Richdale Avenue, Kirton in Lindsey


Telephone: 01652 649321


Council Responsbilities:

Full Council Meetings

Promoting Kirton Committee

General Purposes Committee

Trustee of Town Council Charities


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Cllr Geoff Cossey 2019

Pen Portrait

For most of my working life I was employed as a legal manager by a major clearing bank. Now retired, I have more time to pursue other interests which include gardening, photography and the collection and repair of fountain pens and old clocks.

I am a member of the editorial team which produces Kirton First and am responsible for the layout and design of the magazine.

As a member of the Town Council I am keen to encourage innovation and to find creative solutions to the issues impacting our community. My priorities are to promote a ‘greening’ of the town, better public transport and planning. The challenge facing the town is to create the right balance between meeting people’s needs and maintaining a pleasant and attractive environment for residents, workers and visitors.